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    Reverse out text (make 'paper' swatch) "automatically" in Indesign

    marketingc39907871 Level 1

      Is there a way to have text on a footer (or anywhere) reverse out automatically depending on the background?


      Context: I'm creating bottom left hand corner page numbers and footers on a page. In some instances, the text falls on a white background or across an image with a very light background and therefore requires the standard text colour (which in this instance is grey achieved with 80% black).


      However, I also want to have the text reversed out in the instances (about half the time) where the image background is dark enough to require reversed out text for legibility reasons.


      In all cases the text in question is on the master page and it would be easier to get this to work automatically rather than override the master page item in order to amend it to reversed out.


      Can anyone help?