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    rotation axis hidden




      (first : sorry for my english)


      I have a problem using the rotation tool in After Effect CC : with an older version of After effect, when I selected a layer or a composition, the rotation axis was apparent. I could see its position and I could easily change the ancor axis's position or use the rotation tool. Now, it is invisible. I have to enter in the layer to see it. For exemple, (in attached screen shot), if I double click on the layer "soleil" I can see that the rotation axis is behind the yellow spot but if I return to the global composition, the rotation axis become invisible (and the problem is the same with a composition). How can I make it visible again ? I looked everywhere and didn't find the solution.


      Thank you a lot in advance !




      Capture d’écran 2017-08-10 à 20.02.04.png