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    Re: Error #1H Indesign CC2017


      Hi Steve, I have same problem with the publish online, I Sign out, and then Sign in, but I receive the same message.


      Can you help me to resolve the problem??




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          srishtib8795206 Adobe Employee

          Hi posadass,


          If get your query, you are getting Error #1 H while using publish online.


          This should generally be solved by sign out and signing in again on creative cloud.

          • Go to the Creative Cloud desktop app (menu bar on Mac or task bar in Windows) > "gear" icon > Preferences > General. Sign out, then sign in with your Adobe ID.
          • If it still does not work please check with different Adobe ID.


          If this does not help , we would require some more information like:

          • Operating System (Exact version of Windows or MAC)
          • Is this behavior happening on some particular file or files with some specific pictures?
          • Where the files are saved (system HDD to shared folder or drive)?
          • What happens if we check with new file?
          • Are you using some special plugins on files?
          • If happening with particular file , what is the file size?
          • If possible can we get one sample file?




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            srishtib8795206 Adobe Employee

            Hi posadass,


            We are waiting for response from you.

            In case the issue is not solved by the above mentioned steps please try signing out and signing in through InDesign itself and share results.


            For that Click Help > Sign Out


            Indesign sign out. png.png


            Then Sign in again, Click Help > Sign In > Sign In Now


            Indesign sign in.png


            It will open InDesign Sign Dialog box, sign in with your Adobe ID


            sign in.png



            Please do share your findings.