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    Is it possible to change URL after HTML5 output?

    camilaf3199346 Level 1

      I am using RoboHelp 2017. I want to customize URL after generating an output so that we can call help topics using a context-sensitive tool.


      For example, I will show some images so you can understand me better (because English is not my mother language):



      I've changed the file name, so that URL ending corresponds to the code variable. My URL has changed.




      But I also would like to change its path, not showing the sequence of folders as in the previous image.

      For example: instead of URL "Menus/Cadastros/Filiais/TFormCadFiliais.htm" I want to simplify as "TFormCadFiliais.htm". So that will be easier to call this topic.


      I am not a programmer, I am a technical writer. We were used to the Map IDs routine (maybe someone will think about it), but then programmers decided to extinguish all IDS, because they had to deal with many numbers and they preferred to create context-sensitive help with words, inserting variables to the URL. For example "TFormCadFiliais" will call the topic about subsidiary companies and so on.


      However, I couldn't find a way to change it in RoboHelp, because I see URL is shown according to the path of folders and files we've created to get to that specific topic.


      I hope you have understood me, I am writing in English the best I can.

      I would like you tell me if it is possible and how we can proceed about it. Thanks in advance!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Seems you explained it pretty well.


          Personally, unless you were to just abandon using folders and put everything into one single folder I'm not sure you will manage to work past it.


          Even if you were to somehow manage to obfuscate the link, I would think the end user would still be able to just right-click the topic and determine the path.


          I suppose one way you might be able to come close would be to just have some topics in the root where the Context Sensitive calls land. Then have inline frames inside those topics that would present the "real" topics.


          Perhaps others have better ideas.


          Cheers... Rick

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            Karin_Albrecht Level 1

            Hi there

            We are using a special parameter "base help url" in our tool containing the complete path. The individual menues then only contain the file name of the help file and possibly the name of the subfolder they are stored in.

            Example: the base help URL is: C:\Users\Documents\Test_Merge\!SSL!\Responsive_HTML5\mergedProjects\Test Tooltips\

            The help path added for the menu that shall be opened context-sensitive is: template\first_topic


            I'm not a developer, so I cannot tell you more details about how exactly this procedure is accomplished, but maybe this is an idea you would like to discuss with your colleagues.


            Maybe this helps.


            Kind regards,