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    Issue with Adobe Extension Manager Installing Add-On

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      I purchased an add-on called "Keyframe Caddy Pro" Version 1.0.8 (by CloudKid) for Adobe Flash/Animate and followed the instructions to download and install it.  For some reason, I keep getting an error message that reads,


      "Cannot find required data from database.  Extension will not be installed".


      I feel like it doesn't seem to make sense because it says the add-on is compatible with Windows and Mac and Animate/Flash Pro version CC 2017 and Adobe Extension Manager CC is up to date.  Also, I clicked on the link where it said for me to retrieve my Add-on.


      I would greatly appreciate any suggestions to solve this issue so I could install my Add-on for Animate.


      Thank you,


      OG Marcontell


      Adobe Customer


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