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    updating RH inactivates the executable


      I have RH 7.00.145. Each time I update (per automatic prompt), the following happens:

      My executable becomes inactive.

      My solution is:
      I reinstall from disk and I'm back to 7.00.145 and I'm working fine for a few hours. Then, the automatic update catches up with me and prompts me to update. I say sure, why not. The update, when done, demands a restart. I say sure why not. After the restart, the executable is dead.

      All files are in their proper place here:
      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 7\RoboHTML

      RoboHTML.exe however becomes inoperable, and I think it's after a restart.

      What do you think is happening? Thanks in advance for any clue!

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Not really sure. I'm guessing perhaps your firewall could be getting in the way. You might check RH is a permitted application after you have installed the patch.

          You could also try searching on Downloads on Adobe's site and downloading them. Then apply them that way.

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            __AG__ Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You're not alone in this. I've had a similar issue where RoboHTML (and a number of the utility applications as well) refuses to start after a reboot for some time now. It's been escalated through several levels of tech support and so far there has been no resolution. It runs fine on my notebook though. It's the only application that does this on my main production machine - quite frustrating and has forced me to give up on RH for now. I'm hoping that the next release might address this issue.