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    Font issue in pdf


      Can this pdf file be "repaired" in acrobat so I can copy and paste one sentence at a time into Word or Excel?

      Auditing and assurance services 6E by Messier Glover and Prawitt - Accounting PDF

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Actually, the problem is that the PDF file was created eons ago using old Type 3 (probably bitmap or vector outline) fonts with a custom encoding that doesn't map to Unicode.


          Officially, the file isn't broken, but other than viewing and lower quality printing and of course the value of its written content, it isn't particularly useful for repurposing.


          Sorry, other than regenerating the PDF file from the original document and using reasonable PDF production techniques, not much that can be done. (I even tried doing a “refry” of your file – printing to Adobe PDF to create a new PDF file – and although the text was selectable in that PDF file, copying and pasting yielding gobbledygook due to the oddball custom encoding of the fonts.


                    - Dov