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    Healing brush not working properly




      I am trying to use the healing brush, and even tho the hardness is set to minimal to none, the edges are extremely harsh, just like a stamp action.


      Attached is a picture of the top of my screen


      I really dont know what to do to make it work.


      Thank you for your help





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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          1. You are asking about Photoshop in a Lightroom forum- A moderator may move you to the correct forum.

          2. Your brush settings look ok, but your screen-clip does not illustrate any brush healing, or harsh edges.

          3. There is a distinct pattern or texture visible on the image- Texture of a scanned photo? or moire patterns?

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            olga.dav Level 1

            You may try reducing the hardness of your brush to 0.

            Then, you may work with transparency, coping your layer and reducing the transparency.

            If it still doesn't work, check out which layer is exactly chosen in a moment you apply the healing brush. So, if you applied some filters, make sure you work with the same layer.