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    How do I export/output a video from Animate CC?




      I'm completely new to Animate and am unsure how to ask this question.


      I need to create an HTML5 dynamic banner with a video clip I produced in Premiere - all signs seem to point me to do this in Animate CC since I can't create a .mp4 small enough to be used as a banner ad. I've created an HTML5 canvas .fla and have added the video clip via "components." The preview looks great, however I'm unsure what to do from there. I can only view the video via the html preview and not on the canvas - it's greyed out as if nothing is there. Similarly, the timeline doesn't indicate there is anything to play. And if I try to export, I get nothing. I'm not a coder so maybe I'm confused at what exactly the output should be (?).


      Hope this makes sense. 

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          The html5 canvas part of Animate wants you to use the Video Component to play video. It sounds like you have dragged a Video Component to the stage and then set your mp4 file as the source in the Properties window. If you save your file and then run Test Movie... in Browser from the Control menu Animate will create a .fla file, a .html file a.js file all with the name that you gave to your file. There will also be a folder named components as well as your .mp4 file. That should be all that you need.


          The .html file will contain a bunch of javascript in the head and the body will contain a div that contains the canvas.


          I'm not sure that this will give you a solution to your problem with file size. Animate will just use the .mp4 file that you give it. Animate won't create a smaller file.