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    Image Slide Show With Music

    Roy Berger Level 1

      I have a creative cloud subscription. I use Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe

      Lightroom CC. I have been processing images formatting them for display in a

      slideshow on a 4K TV.  I would like to add music to slideshow and save the

      results in a video format. I need suggestions regarding what Adobe

      application would be most suitable for this project




      Tia, Roy Berger



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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi RoyBerger,


          You can use Adobe Premiere Pro CC and it will give an easy way to create videos & slideshows.


          Tutorial link: Creating Slideshows with Adobe Premiere Pro CC - The Easy Way - YouTube




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            Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

            You are already using Lightroom so I suggest you use it to create your slide show. You can add music and export a video file. You can even add transitions. The only thing you can't do is set custom durations for each slide. It will be way easier for you to figure out Lightroom's slide show feature then Premiere Pro.

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              Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Another thing that may nudge you one way or the other is that the maximum video resolution you can export a slide show from Lightroom is 1080p (2K). A 4K TV was mentioned in the original question, so if 4K video output is required then Lightroom is not ideal.


              Your next option would depend on whether you have the full Creative Cloud plan, or just the Photography Plan. If you have the full plan, you should try Premiere Pro since it has complete support for import, editing, and export at 4K and up.


              If your Creative Cloud membership is the Photography Plan, you won't have access to Adobe Premiere Pro, but you can use the video timeline in Photoshop to quickly assemble a slide show. The 4K video output options from Photoshop are not as good as in Premiere Pro, so depending on how you will be playing the 4K video on the TV, you might have to use another utility such as Handbrake (free) to compress the 4K video into a better codec after output from Photoshop.

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                Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                Conrad makes an interesting point, and I had not considered the maxiumum output size for Photoshop.  I tried pushing my luck with 8K resolution, but 4K seems to be the limit.  But then again, I did try the same thing with Premiere Pro, and was not more successful.  I believe that 8K is possible with Premiere Pro.