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    Rejected for technical error

    ottop35439646 Level 1


      Hello everyone. I am a newbie. I ´ve just got 14 images rejected for "technical error" Would you please explain to me what is technical error is and how to avoid it.

      Thanks a lot.

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          ricky336 Adobe Community Professional

          It can range from dust spots, too much saturation, white balance etc. Here, if you look closely enough, I can see dust spots - which is small bits of dust on the sensor. (You should always zoom in to 100% to check for such things, and even then it is possible to miss them). So, you need to go into Lightroom/Photoshop and heal or clone them out. I would advise to follow the link they gave with the rejection reason. It gives more detail of the issues involved.

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            ottop35439646 Level 1

            Ricky336 - thanks for the reply. Yes, you are right NOW I see those sensor dust spots. I remove it. There is just general links to contributors help and link to this forum.

            I try to build up my portfolio so I check the image very fast. I have to slow down. Thanks again.

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              codys48060901 Level 1

              I have a different theory, but dust spots are also a reason. From a quick glance, it appears that the berry/fruit/flower thing is slightly out of focus. Due to the extreme defocus of the background it almost makes the berry thing appear in focus but the branch closest to the camera near the top left corner appears to be more in focus. Hard to tell on the forum platform, but that's my guess.

              Also, if you go to the below site, it'll explain the possible options for rejection in a little more detail:

              Reasons for content rejection



              Technical issues


              When we reject a file based on technical issues, it means that we identified technical flaws other than focus, exposure, or artifacts issues, which we call out specifically. Technical issues include but aren’t limited to:

              • White balance: The white balance may be too warm or too cool.


              Note:When you shoot in raw formats, you have great flexibility to adjust the white balance in your post-processing workflows.

              • Contrast: There may be too much or not enough contrast.
              • Saturation: Oversaturation may give your file an unnatural look, but undersaturated or spot color can also result in technical decline.

              Note:You may want try the Vibrance slider instead of Saturation in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

              • Chromatic aberration: This refers to color fringing around objects in the image.
              • General composition: Is your horizon straight? Have you cropped the image too much? You should leave the designer room to add his/her own text or objects. Did you submit the image in horizontal orientation when it should have been vertical? You can resolve this in Photoshop and then re-save the image with the correct orientation.
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                ottop35439646 Level 1

                Codys48060901 what you are saying make sense. Most of the rejected images were trees in the fog. They may think, that its not a real fog, I just bump it out with contrast. Anyway, I dont want to be smart, but would be easier to number by the rejected image and every number has its own meaning/ example:1=out of focus, 2=overfiltered....../

                Nevertheless I admit my mistake and I will work on myself. First I can NOT shoot everything: nature, food, product........

                I probably go for a product photography. Enclosed is rejected foggy photo. Guys, I wish you good light and lot of sold images.FIELD-TREES-FOG2.jpg