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    Adobe Lightroom update won't work


      So here I am again, sorry, but I started a topic on this forum which redirected me to the live chat which redirected me here once again.


      So I recently bought Lightroom 6 (the app not the creative cloud) and installed it on my computer. Since I shoot RAW files on a sony camera (SRW), Adobe Lightroom 6.0 can't read the files so I NEED the updates. Now when I download the latest update (6.12) and try to install it, I get this message:



      The updates can't be applied

      If you'd like to update, contact your adminstrator because he has deleted the updates.


      By the way this may not be the exact message because it's a rough translation from french.


      I'm on a PC, windows 8.1 and the current version of Lightroom i have right now is 6.0.



      I tried those following steps:

      -uninstall and install again (both Lightroom and the updates)

      -check the registery (but there were no files about adobe in it)

      -disable firewall/excute as admin


      None of them worked.


      Any ideas ?