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    Script for mobile site


      I am new in this forum, so a basic question . We got this script to enter in our website and I get many statistics, but only for the basic /fr/ site.


      HEADER : <script src="//<"http://assets.adobedtm.com/bbcf1926d872997a7934ffbbdf062faa3e07ecd5/satelliteLib-b3df98687 6bb307f2b1b7e8a6f1ed60f5b719fbe.js" target="_blank">assets.adobedtm.com/bbcf1964368906667777799990.js"></script>

      END : <script type="text/javascript">_satellite.pageBottom()</script>


      But we have also EN site , same url , but  /en at the end.

      Where can I can define this  ? Or I need a new specific script ?


      Other question, can I integrate the same script in our mobile site (not responsive) , who use the same url , but m instead of www before it ?

      Thanks for your help.