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    Brush lag when using Photoshop


      I am this problem which is making me unable to draw on Photoshop: the brush tool lags either by stopping and then moving or just drawing my lines very slowly. I have tried reinstalling Photoshop, letting it use the max amount of RAM, reinstalling my Wacom tablet drivers, but it just hasn't worked. The brush tool works perfectly fine on Animate CC, but there it's horrendous.Everything else works smoothly on the program, it's just the brush tool that I'm having issues with. I also want to point out that it didn't lag at all when I used to use Photoshop CC on a much older computer. Any suggestions? Here are my specs:

      Intel Core i7<3630QM 2.4GHz

      8GB RAM DDR3

      AMD Radeon 7670M 2GB

      320 GB HDD

      Windows 10 Pro x64 bit