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    Playhead leaving lagging ghost lines while scrubbing timeline - Ae - Windows 10 64-bit


      Hey everyone,


      Maybe someone can help me out with this.


      Recently I wiped my hard drive and reinstalled my entire CC suite. So far everything has been working fine. However, when scrubbing through old or new projects in Ae my playhead in the timeline has a ghosting effect. I believe I read in an some other forum's post that it is a "drawing issue" in the application itself.


      I checked my GPU drivers (NVDIA) all updated to the most recent releases. I checked all other drivers in device manager, all of those are good. I uninstalled and reinstalled Ae several times, but I still see these weird playhead laggy ghost lines ! ! while scrubbing.


      To be clear, everything works fine, I have had no crashes, yet. Projects seem to work just fine it just worries me that it may crash in the future while I'm working on something important.


      Any more info on this is appreciated.