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    Company logo on the skin

      Hi ,
      I want to insert my company logo on the same line as contents, index, search , glossary. Is there a way to do it. I found different skins in the skins gallery but i did not find a way to edit those skins! .If there is let me know so that i could include my company logo too!

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          You could do this by adding a custom button. Just call the button something like "logo" with no text and specify a selected and unselected image for your logo. This would mean that logo would appear as a hyperlink if the user hovers the mouse over it but it wouldn't link to anything.
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            Linux Rules Level 2
            Hello rr336 -

            You could use the generated file named "wht_logo1.gif" - the "About" button on the WebHelp tool bar - as a template (for size) and create your logo to fit the HEIGHT of the gif (within a few pixels), name it the same, then copy it into your generated project. That way clicking the logo opens the "about".