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    AI to AE


      Hello !


      For some reason when i import from AI into AE the obejcts all are centerd.

      I need them to stay in their origonal place like they are in AI.


      I been fighting with this problem for half an hour now. gets me crazy.

      I did search online. but couldnt find a solution.


      Any help?

      Thanks !

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          1. import your Ai as composition (you can choose retain layer size or no, does not matter)

          2. click twice on the composition to open it (very important, do not drag the elements into a new composition)

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            davidarbor Adobe Community Professional

            If you're on a Mac, the options to import as footage or a composition are hidden, so make sure you click the Options button at the bottom-left of the Import dialog.


            As for whether or not to Retain Layer Size, it does matter depending on how you animate. If you don't Retain Layer Size then every single element, regardless of how small it is or where it is in your composition, will have its anchor point in the center of your After Effects comp. This means that if you have a ball, for instance, in the one of the corners of your file and you try to rotate it, the ball will not spin around its own center, but it will instead revolve around the center of the composition, which could be very annoying.


            I always choose to Retain Layer Size when I import AI files so each layer's anchor point is in the center of itself, rather than my composition.

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              kenny27293 Level 1

              Thanks Guys !