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    problem 3D tracker

    gasparg94033917 Level 1

      Hello, i want to attach a 3d text to the ground on a footage but the ground doesn't have enough details so i don't have any points on the ground.


      I've watched tutorials on youtube to find out, but the guys always use grounds with a lot of details to show how it works, and my ground has no details.

      So how can I track it to attach my text to the ground ?

      thanks for helping me out.


      the footage itself :


      thanks for you time

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Not in AE without additional markers. In an advanced tool like Syntheyes you can create reference geometry and manually place trackers, which wil ltake care of the matter. Even mocha's planar tracker might give a solution, but you need the Pro version for such a workflow. There's simply not enough distinct features in your footage, it barely has any parallax and the curved walls of the stadium don't help, either (which is what actually throws off things a lot - there's no logical straight edges)



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Depending on the camera movement you might be able to just motion stabilize the shot, lay the text in place, and then add the original  motion to the new layer and put the motion back into the shot using a null and some simple expressions. That is how we did this kind of thing before there was 3D tracking. I did a lot of it that way. Many feature films composited in CG elements that way. Here's a quick basic tutorial on how to do that in After Effects. If I say your shot I could tell you if it would work.

            There is no real fine tuning or finesse in this tutorial but the technique is sound and if you name your Motion Stabilized footage "stabilized" this animation preset will work on the null: Dropbox - destabilize Rotation Scale.ffx


            One of these days I'll do a detailed tutorial on this useful technique. I still use it all the time on certain kinds of shots.


            Another thing you might try is fussing with the color grading of the shot to try and bring out a bunch more contrast. You don't care what the shot looks like, you just want contrast in the area you are trying to track. Then you pre-compose and camera track the pre-comp. When you have successful set an origin and ground plane, created the camera added at least one reference layer you can turn replace the pre-comp with the original footage, or if you duplicated the original footage you can just turn of the pre-comp. You may have to delete the markers on the actor to get an accurate solution for the camera.

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