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    Integrated WebCam Won't Work With Flash


      Hi, my webcam was working perfectly yesterday but then I updated my computer and now my webcam won't work with any site that uses flash with chrome. I am on Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 64 bit and using Chrome Version (Official Build) (64 Bit) with Version of Flash. It works fine with non-flash sites like WebRTC and with Internet Explorer, but not in chrome. When I visit Chatroulette I click on "Preview your webcam" and then it tells me that my webcam is showing no activity. Before the update Flash would ask me for permission to use my webcam, now it doesn't even ask. And when I go into flash to check what webcam it's using it doesn't list any webcams or mics, it's just a blank drop-down menu. I used CCleaner to clear everything, and tried everything I could find posted on old forums but had no success. I appreciate any suggestions given, thanks.

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Current versions of Chrome require that all content attempting to access the camera and microphone must be served over HTTPS.  This brings the requirements for Flash Player in line with requirements for WebRTC.


          The goal here is to force content providers to make changes that protect your privacy, by requiring all camera/mic streams to be encrypted.


          Chatroulette will need to update their site to use HTTPS, if they would like their service to continue working in Chrome.

          As a workaround, you can use any other browser.

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            This is not a chrome specific issue as I've encountered the same issue randomly today on multiple browsers. I've tried Chrome, IE & Edge. Same issue every time. I've tested my webcam it works fine offline. I've disabled & re-enabled the cam. Deleted & reinstalled updated drivers for the cam. Updated to the latest version of flash. Yet when I get to any chat website it asks to use my cam, I choose allow & my camera & mic no longer appear as options to use. Online searches lead me to the same cookie cutter troubleshooting techniques that end up with no results. Who can actually help us here?

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              jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

              Does your webcam work here (Flash based webcam demo served over HTTPS)?



              If not, how about here? (HTML/JavaScript demo)


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                jamesezramayse Level 1

                Yes as stated it works on any secure websites starting with https just refuses to work on http websites all of a sudden

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                  jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                  I'm not sure why you're experiencing this in browsers outside of Chrome.  It may be that you're a member of an enterprise domain, and your system administrator was able to impose this restriction, or you're running some kind of third-party security suite / ad blocker / anti-tracking tool that's doing this on your behalf.


                  I have *not* heard anyone else complain about this in IE and Edge.


                  Long story short, it would not be Flash Player imposing this restriction.  We have not made changes to the camera rules.


                  The push to force webcams into HTTPS mode is reasonable (anyone with network-level visibility can intercept that stream if it's sent in the clear), and it's probably worth it to start complaining directly to those content providers.  It's also likely that if this is a widespread problem, they're already well aware of it, and may have some useful advice.


                  I'm definitely interested in what the ultimate resolution to this is, but I don't have any good guesses.