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    Integrated WebCam Won't Work With Flash

    j.bech Level 1

      Hi, my webcam was working perfectly yesterday but then I updated my computer and now my webcam won't work with any site that uses flash with chrome. I am on Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 64 bit and using Chrome Version (Official Build) (64 Bit) with Version of Flash. It works fine with non-flash sites like WebRTC and with Internet Explorer, but not in chrome. When I visit Chatroulette I click on "Preview your webcam" and then it tells me that my webcam is showing no activity. Before the update Flash would ask me for permission to use my webcam, now it doesn't even ask. And when I go into flash to check what webcam it's using it doesn't list any webcams or mics, it's just a blank drop-down menu. I used CCleaner to clear everything, and tried everything I could find posted on old forums but had no success. I appreciate any suggestions given, thanks.