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    New to Adobe Community

    AshleyBurton Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am new to the Adobe community and have just downloaded Adobe Captivate 2017. I am excited to get started learning how to use this tool (using Linkedin Learning) and see what I can produce with it. Question: do you use other Adobe products in conjunction with Captivate? If so, for what purposes?

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I do use Photoshop to create/edit bitmap assets, Illustrator to create SVG's, Audition to record and edit Audio clips, sometimes Photoshop to edit a short video (or Premiere Pro). Typekit is only available with CP2017 (why did you download an older version?). Phonegap can be used from within Captivate. Animate CC is great to create HTML5 (and SWF) animations (OAM).

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi there


            What are your plans for Captivate? For example, how are you planning on your end users accessing what you create using Captivate?


            If you aren't quite sure yet or perhaps you just plan on copying Captivate output to a web server of some sort, you might find Adobe RoboHelp to be an interesting tool to add to the mix. RoboHelp would offer the ability to seamlessly connect to those Captivate outputs, organize them into a nice Table of Contents and make them easy to find using the Indexing features RoboHelp offers.


            Basically the workflow would involve creating the assorted Captivate outputs. Using RoboHelp to pull them in and organize them. Then possibly using Adobe RoboHelp to publish the complete file set to a web server where your end users could easily access them.


            Cheers... Rick

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              AshleyBurton Level 1

              Thanks, Rick. there is a lot I don't know ab Captivate yet. I plan on using it in my role to create micro training bits, and eventually learning modules to be used in LMSs. I need to get my feet wet and learn the basics so I can really understand my possibilities.



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                SauravGhosh Adobe Employee

                Hi Ashhley,

                Captivate is a wonderful tool for creating eLearning content and we encourage all new users to download the tool and take it for a spin. At a very high level, you can use Captivate for the following:

                • Creating projects in Captivate – Learn how to create a responsive and non-responsive project.
                • Creating recording and software simulations – Learn how to record a video demo and product simulation for training.
                • Overview of objects in Captivate – Learn what an interactive or a non-interactive object is.
                • Creating quizzes and assessments – Create quizzes and evaluate your learners’ knowledge.
                • Previewing and publishing your project – Publish your project across devices, form factors, and formats.

                For more information, please read the blog, https://elearning.adobe.com/2017/06/i-am-a-newbie-in-adobe-captivate-are-there-any-resourc es-to-get-me-started.

                If you need further information, feel free to contact me, saghosh@adobe.com



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                  Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  I just wondered why you didn't download the latest version (2017)?


                  As for learning Captivate, maybe also have a look at my blog post describing the major stumbling blocks for newbies:

                  Challenges for Starters - Captivate blog


                  That article is based on my experiences as moderator on the Jive forums, trainer, consultant and user of Captivate since version 1 (was stil Macromedia).

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                    AshleyBurton Level 1

                    This is so super helpful! I will definitely be referring  this!


                    Thank you for the resources!


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                      AshleyBurton Level 1

                      I did get the latest. I'm not sure why I put Captivate 9. My brain and fingers weren't in coordination. Thank you for the resource! This is going to be really helpful as I get started.

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                        Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        OK, I will change the version number in your quesiton (have moderator rights).

                        Can this thread be closed?