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    Unable to open Premier Elements 13


      Unable to open Premier Elements 13.  Have used the program several times before without a problem.  Now I click on the icon, click on "New Project" and it just sets there with the little ants in purple for about 3 mins.  and stops.    Same thing for 3 days now.   I have tried uninstall, reinstall, several times.   Have tried download new copy, uninstall, reinstall two times.  I never get any error messages or error codes.   Have tried all the suggestions found online, checked the install log etc..   nothing works.   I have work to do and would prefer to not do it on another video editing software.   (Windows 10)

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I see that you posted this same question a few days ago and did not get any response. There may not be an easy solution to your problem. Has there been a major change on your computer recently -- for instance, has your computer recently updated to a new version of Windows 10? Have you installed any other programs in the last few days?


          Meantime, this may be helpful.

          Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements do not launch | Windows 10


          Also, have you gone to the nVidia, AMD or Intel site and ensured you have the latest drivers for your graphics card? (Don't trust Windows to do it.)


          Otherwise, I'm not sure what to recommend.

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            richardh56627412 Level 1

            The adobe support is the worst I've every encountered.  It would seem that many are having the same problem with nothing done.   The response asking about Windows 10 installed is BS.  The computer runs Windows 10 & has always run window 10.   I get the impression that the people at Adobe fell that since they have the most widely used photo editing software we can just spew out another version that will eventually have a bug and ignore the user since they will just go buy the latest release.   I sure that the people at Word Perfect & Lotus 1 2 3 felt the same way.