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    There was a problem uploading your design (error 44)

    michaelc71532042 Level 1

      I used to be able to upload design files. Now I cannot. Everytime I try to upload a file I get the following message: "There was a problem uploading your design (error 44).


      I am now getting this error message when trying to create a sharing link for files that I used to be able to create sharing links for.


      I'm on Windows 10.

      - Yes, I've rebooted my computer.

      - Yes, I've followed the links with Trouble shooting advice for link sharing problems. No, those links weren't helpful.

      - Yes, I'm logged into my Creative Cloud account. I even logged out and logged back in. No luck.

      - Everytime I attempt to create a shared link, the process stalls out in exactly the same place, halfway done. It doesn't matter if I try this with a file that used to work. Previously working files stall out in exactly the same place.

      - The .xd file size is approximately 6 MB. However, the process fails with smaller files that it used to work with before.





      I'd be happy to upload my PDApp.log file, if this message form had an attachement feature. I'm not seeing one.


      I'd also be happy to talk to a live person to resolve this issue. 


      It's a shame. We are quite far along with a very elaborate clickable demo being used to illustrate/promote the next version of a mobile medical device. I still have some hope that this might be a temporary glitch that Adobe will fix. However, I guess that I shouldn't hold my breath.

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          Corrinna Rainwater Adobe Employee



          I'm really sorry you have trouble with XD. It looks you tried already a lot, have you tried uploading a single small artboard that is blank?

          Please send your PDApp.log by creating a bug using this link: Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs

          Thanks, Corrinna

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            Hey Corrina,


            I just tried uploading 1 small artboard that is blank. That worked--though not very helpful.


            What would be helpful is knowing if there any constraints regarding sharing:


            1. What is the maximum XD file size that I can upload?

            2. What is the maximum total file space I can upload?

            3. Are there naming conventions for the XD files or Artboards that cause problems?

            4. Why is that creating a ShareLInk always invokes a file upload which never completes? Afterall, I can get to the XD Cloud file from my iPod Touch. I can see the file is already in the Creative Cloud space. I just need a link to it.
            5. Since the XD file is already in the Creative Cloud space, how can I create a shared link from the creative cloud space?

            6. XD is very helpful, but trying to share the experience with others is painful. The main reason for this pain is Creative Cloud files. All that pain would go away if I could just IMPORT the file from DropBox or a similar program. Why hinge the success of XD, which is pretty good, on the failures of Creative Cloud file sharing?


            Right now, the only way I can share the XD experience with others is to provide them with my Creative Cloud login so they can load the XD file from my create cloud account. This seems wrong, but it's what I'm left with.


            I would love some suggestions which would more easily allow me to share this file with others.

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              Corrinna Rainwater Adobe Employee

              Hi Michael,

              I received the file and we will investigate.

              Thanks for trying out if a simple file does upload. This narrows the root cause down a bit.


              To answer your questions:

              1. The maximum file size depends on the network bandwidth.

              2. Do you ask about your quota? This should not be an issue for sharing as it does not count.

              3. There are no naming conventions and no known issues with any special characters.

              4. The synching happens with a different process than creating a shared link for a prototype, that's why you see the xd files in your creative cloud but the link does not get created.

              5. Creating a link from Creative Cloud: good idea! Something similar will be available soon, I will let you know.

              6. Really sorry that this part of XD is not working for you. We have some bugs open for this issue and hope to be able to fix it soon. Since you can share a smaller file: it might work to update smaller changes, cut and park some of your artboards in a different document and update the prototype until all changes are in. Please let me know if that worked!


              Could you let me know which region you are in and what your internet bandwidth is?


              Thanks, Corrinna

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                michaelc9714251 Level 1

                Hey Corina,


                I’ve got 6MBS download and 1MBS upload.


                By the way, I’ve got a macbook pro with Creative Cloud on it. I just updated XD on my Macbook pro. The Macbook is in a hingedock and using the same Ethernet my Windows 10 is using.


                The Macbook Pro can use XD to create a shared link. Exact same file too.



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                  Corrinna Rainwater Adobe Employee



                  thanks for letting us know! The next build contains improvements and hopefully fixes your issue. We do not have an exact release date, I will let you know. I would appreciate if you could tell us if this fixes the issue for you!