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    lrcat backup .zip file is "corrupt" in Windows 10 and converts to .cfg when opened in Mac OSX


      My external hard drive suffered some data loss and I was able to recover the backups for my catalog, but they fail to operate correctly when i attempt to recover my data. When I use winrar in Win10 to open the catalog backup, it fails with an error, while opening the .zip in OSX results in it opening, but the file becomes foo.zip.cfg


      The file itself is 4.83 mb, which seems accurate as I don't have an incredibly large catalog, but I would still be devastated if my data is lost. I have access to a large amount of the recovered data that I may be able to try, but any and all directory organization was lost so I'm not sure which files would belong where if I were to try and reconstruct my actual catalog. Does anyone have any pointers on fixing this issue with the backup? I can run on either OS, but mainly use OSX for my photography, so scripts or steps on Mac would be the preferred method.