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    Indesign freezing on Macbook Pro 13 (2017)


      Indesign intermittently freezes for several seconds to a minute constantly. Usually when moving an image, but it happens at other times.


      GPU performance is disabled.  I have deleted preferences, and I have disabled Type Contextual Controls.


      Any other suggestions as the software is entirely unusable at this time.

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          srishtib8795206 Adobe Employee

          hi rliamkelly,


          As per your query InDesign is freezing while working on file for example moving images on page?


          If yes we would need to some more details like


          • Please check if this is happening with one particular file or multiple files?
          • If it is with one file , would you mind sharing your file?
          • If it is happening with multiple files, please share where the files are saved , local drive or some network drive?
          • If it is on network drive please check how it performs from desktop?
          • If it is still the same (All files are slow from desktop as well) , please follow below mentioned steps


          I am assuming that you have already reset preferences but please try removing preferences manually from Users/[user]/Library/Caches/ and Users/[user]/Library/Preferences

          • Close InDesign and other Adobe applications
          • Delete Adobe InDesign and com.adobe.com from above mentioned locations.



          Boot system to safe boot with same account and check how it works, if it works fine close all third party running services. For details click here Use safe mode to isolate issues with your Mac - Apple Support


          Log in to root account  For details check here How to enable the root user on your Mac - Apple Support

          Check how application works there, If it works fine

          • Go to Location ~/Library/Preferences
          • Right click preferences folder and click get info
          • Click the lock icon to unlock it, then enter an administrator name and password.
          • Change permissions to read and write.
          • Click the Action pop-up menu , then choose “Apply to enclosed items.”
          • If you do not see your account there click on plus symbol on bottom left corner and add account and follow same steps



          Follow same steps for


          ~/Library/Application support



          /Library/Application support


          Note: If you are on office system ,these (/Library/Application support and/Library/Preferences) folders may or may not allow you to add user , that is completely fine.


          Please do share your findings , we are waiting for your response.




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