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    Creating image-based hyperlinks to external resources w/o advancing slide?

    Lagil Level 1

      If I create a text hyperlink to an external resource, then, if the learner clicks on it, it appropriately opens the external resource in a separate window, and does not advance the current slide in the Presenter presentation (allowing the user to, say, click on more than one link from the same slide), as long as I have the slide set to Advance by User. However, if I create a hyperlink on an image, then, when the user clicks on it, it advances the slide, which I do NOT want. I've tried having the Advance by User option turned on or off, but it doesn't seem to matter for this issue - I can't find a way to make Presenter understand the difference between a click on a linked image vs. just any click on the page.


      If I have to, I could just stick to text links, but I'd really like to have image links. Does anyone know how to make this work?


      Thanks, in advance, for any info!!