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    Stuttering Cursor in Photoshop

    TommyDAQ-Bates Level 2

      I'm having major problems with Photoshop and can't seem to find a solution. 


      The problem persists with my mouse/cursor.  I'm using a Magic Mouse on a 2015 2.9 GHz (intel Core i5) 13" MacBook Pro w/ tethered 2nd monitor. (16 GB RAM) and CC2017.  macOS Sierra 10.12.5


      What's happening is, the mouse/cursor seems to work fine in the OS, across all other apps, and on the canvas within P-shop, but as soon as I click into certain panels: Layers, Channels, Timeline...  The cursor stutters, flipping between the Hand selector tool, and the cursor pointer tool - about 60 times per second (I only estimate this, because when I try to do a screen recording of it at 30 fps, it looks like a static Hand, or Cursor, but you don't see it flipping)...


      When this happens, I can barely move the cursor, making working within Photoshop quite difficult!  I have to violently move the cursor out of the panel, click somewhere else, then go back in to make a selection - however, the stuttering starts immediately again! 


      I had seen a similar post to this regarding an issue with CC2015 on Windows. However the fix was quite Windows specific.  I need a fix for Mac! 


      Also, before you go right to the Magic Mouse thing... I also disconnected that, connected a wired mouse, and the problem persisted.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,