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    Presenter 11, PPT16, HTML5 image quality problems


      With Flash going away, we investigated publishing our SCORM courses in Presenter 11 in HTML5 output.  We are using PPT16, so I have updated the presenter.js file so that it publishes.  We are experiencing 2 major issues.


      First, the text is blurry.  It appears that the image resolution is not good for viewing published course on a PC monitor in HTML5 format.


      Second, it appears that the footer text that we have on the first Slide Master gets overlaid numerous times so that it is very bold and extremely blurry.  The only way to get around this is to remove the footer info from the Slide Master and add it to each slide.  That's a pain when you have 70 slides!


      How can we achieve a less blurry published course?  I've seen great results with Articulate Storyline where there is little difference between the Flash and HTML5 versions.  We need a fix else we will have to consider using a different product.  Please help!