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    Remote update manager


      We recently removed admin rights and I need to update Acrobat remotely. I found an article for a remote update manager but I'm still confused on how it works.

      I went to the following site and downloaded the installer:

      Remote Update Manager update

      When I run it it just opens a command line window and immediately shuts down.

      Is this the package I install on the client and it automatically checks and installs updates?

      Is there a admin console to do this through? I tried running the program remotely on a PC with the following command:

      PsExec.exe \\<computername> c:\RemoteUpdateManager --action=install

      but I get a return code (1)



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          That article is only about how to update the Remote Uodate Manager if you are using it already. You should use the Enterprise Deployment Toolkit for Acrobat with a deployment mechanism like SCCM or whatever corporate method you use. It dirsnt provide the network/connectivity itself.

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