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    An error occurred opening file.

    Stardust Animations

      So my laptop starts to work slow and i SAVED all files and after that i closed Animate CC and restarted computer, after my laptop was working i opended Animate CC and it crashed (yea fix this Animate team, i'm not paying 20 pounds a month from different account only to get glitch with all Animate and being unable to work with it and installing it AGAIN -_-) so i uninstalled and installed it again, i wanted to open this file where i was working for something for my channel and BOOM this happend, i seen glitches like this before once(FIXXX THIS) even with all animate cc once and now it happend AGAIN. I seen this Question before and i tried EVERY help there but it didn't helped. Yes i used ,,Check for Updates'' (i only installed it so... update? nope, no update) i used changing file extension from .fla to .zip/.rar and when i fixed that it showed ,,No files fixed'' , Please? Help?