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    Is my Graphics card to slow for CC

    earthflyer74 Level 1

      I Need some advice regarding Graphics Cards.


      I have been using CC now over a year but find my Adobe Apps are struggling with my PC. Have PC for seven years, inside is I7 but my graphics card is GeForce 650 I an wondering if this is now to slow for CC and maybe causing my Adobe Apps to crash or react to slowly. Example, building a html & CSS website in Dreamweaver when I go to view in browser both can't seem to cope at the same time.


      Not sure if Graphics card is the issue or there's something I am not seeing.

      If graphics card is the issue any recommendation as which is suitable for CC.



      Any help would be great. Thanks

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          earthflyer74 Level 1

          Thanks Ben


          It looks like my system has a lot more than is required but didn't see anything relating to NVIDIA Graphics Card.


          I did see that Adobe has tested my current graphics card but it is now down lower end of the list maybe a new graphics card is due but will it solve the problem I have.

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            rayek.elfin Level 3

            The stated system requirements are really the minimum ones.


            How much RAM do you have? 8GB is okay, 16GB or more is better. But it also depends on how much multitasking you do: running several Adobe apps simultaneously will start taxing even quite good hardware.


            Your graphics card has 1GB memory, which falls on the low end. At least 2GB will help, although it depends on the screen resolution and number of screens that you are running. My old 1.5GB card could barely manage two screens - and Windows 10 seems more GPU RAM hungry than Windows 7 I was running before.


            How many screens do you have, and what resolution?


            And does your system run on a SSD drive, or a traditional (SLOW!) harddrive?

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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If your PC is 7 years old, it has accumulated a LOT of files from operating system updates and security patches to everything else you have loaded and updated.   This has a cumulative effect  of slowing down performance.    It might be prudent to get your PC checked out by a professional. 



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                earthflyer74 Level 1

                My system has the following:


                Windows 10 Pro

                Intel Core i7     950@3.07GHz

                Ram  6GB

                64bit operating system

                Graphics Card - NVIDIA GeForce 650

                Storage Space 1TB but almost half full


                2 monitors in use:

                Asus 29" resolution 2560 x 1080

                Asus 23" resolution 1920 x 1080


                As for Hard drive, looks like I am on the old traditional ones, Don't recall putting in an SSD drive in this PC when I built it years ago, guess that is something new.


                I usually have Dreamweaver and Photoshop and iTunes running together and browsers open to view my stuff.


                If I double my RAM maybe even a bit more, if my system can do that and replace my Graphics card to Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 1050Ti WF2 OC 4GB GDDR5 PCI-E will this improve my sluggish PC, or is it time just to buy a new PC that is more up to date.



                Thanks for your reply.


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                  earthflyer74 Level 1

                  Going to increase the my RAM up to 16GB 1600 MHz from 6GB,


                  Read around a bit and found Adobe users tend to increase their RAM for multitasking APPS and makes a huge difference.


                  We see what happens.

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                    BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Good choice, increasing RAM. The rest seems to be OK. Regular HD maintenance is obligatory.


                    Keep in mind that an SSD can cark it without warning and should therefore not be used for data storage.

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                      Preran Adobe Employee

                      Let us know how it went and if your issue was resolved by this route.