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    Photoshop CS6 & later: Is it possible to change brush attributes on all loaded brushes at once?


      Hello, I hope this is the correct spot for getting this question out.

      This has been bothering me for quite a while, since I bought the Art Pen - stylus for my Wacom tablet:

      The Art Pen tracks the rotation of the stylus and enables you to change the angle of your brush, well just by rotating the stylus between your fingers, which is TERRIBLY convenient in my opinion.

      So now I am stuck with a heap of old, non-rotation responsive brushes, which ALL would be more practical, if they would respond to the rotation.

      The bummer is: I would have to click through every single one of these brushes, customize the properties, save it as new brush and then replace the old brush with the new one. Thanks to the clunkiness of the preset manager, this would be a real chore, so I was wondering:

      Is there is a way to set the rotation attribute (or any other custom brush attribute like transfer or various jitters) of all the loaded brushes (or perhaps all the brushes in an .abr file) in a more economic fashion?

      I already opened .abr files in a text editor, but that just gives me scrambled symbols, so no help there.

      I also could not find anything useful on the net so far.

      I'm guessing I could write a script for that but, I'd rather NOT spend that kind of time wrestling with the scripting interface, if there is a faster and already tried and true way to do that...

      Any help is greatly appreciated!