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    sync problems


      My computer recently crashed so I bought a new one. However all my creative cloud files are not synchronised. I can only get like three documents. Is there any way I can find the other documents in the cloud?






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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Having a copy of Creative Cloud doesn't mean that your "files are synchonized".


          You can only recover your files if you were making a backup, or if you go to a service to try to recover your files from a crashed hard drive.

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            Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

            Do you still have access to your old computer?  in that case you can hopefully still either copy the files across to your new computer, OR sync them.


            To Sync files:

            1. Open the Creative Cloud Desktop Application
            2. From the gear icon select Preferences
            3. Click Creative Cloud, Click Files, and enable Sync
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              amaarora Adobe Employee


              Just to add: before syncing also ensure that all files that you need to sync are correctly placed at the Folder location. By default it is /Users/[username]



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