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    Rendering so slow in after effects


      Hi guys,


      im having trouble with the rendering.


      Im rendering 15sec of an intro i did and it takes like 3 hours or more to render.


      i have a 1080ti geforce, i7-7700 and 16gb ram.


      Can i do something about this or is it normal?


      btw i have all files on ssd internal


      edit: its windows, after effects cc 2015

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          BrandedChannels Adobe Community Professional

          Does your system have a single SSD or multiple? It's good practice to separate functions: one SSD for programs, one for source data and one for temp storage.


          16GB of RAM seems a little on the low side to me; how much have you reserved for Ae and other Adobe Apps?


          Also, what does your intro entail? Please check if you have set it to 8-bit or 16/32-bit rendering. Also, if you have any images included, make sure you pre-process them through Photoshop, changing them from 300dpi tot 72dpi.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I did a project last week that took about 7 minutes a frame and that was normal and expected for what I was doing. Last night I rendered another project and the rendering speed was about 40 frames a minute. That was also normal for that type of project. Both were 4K.


            Without workflow details and project specifications it's impossible to know if your render speed is slow. The only way you can know if it is slow is to gain enough experience using AE to know how long specific tasks take to render. Welcome to the world of compositing and motion graphics. It take aa while to render.

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              Afterist.FX Level 1

              Plugins used in in AE project?

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                kirkeric Adobe Community Professional

                There are so many factors that contribute to render speeds.


                One of the most common, system capability aside, is quite simply the effects used.


                What are the key plugins/effects used?  It may help in identifying why it's slow but past that, you will need to wait or find a different way to achieve the effect.


                Sometimes, you just have to wait.