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    Creative Cloud Packager Will Not Install .msi of Acrobat

    technologyd94833456 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am a frustrated new customer and just got out of a bad chat experience with a technician so hoping the community can be a bit more helpful.


      I have created several different creative cloud packages. One with ALL Adobe products and another one with just Adobe Acrobat. I have tried 32 bit and 64 bit and tested over 3 Windows 10 machines which includes a machine that was just reformatted and contained no history of Any Adobe products. Unfortunately, Adobe Acrobat is never installed on any of these packages; regardless of the configuration I select.


      I should say it works perfectly fine for MAC packages. In addition, if I manually go to a computer and run the .exe package to install Adobe Acrobat it will work. However, who wants to do that on a several hundred computer network?


      I could use some help on how to get a .msi package to correctly start to deploy Adobe Acrobat as part of my bundled package or a standalone.