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    Mobile sync after using Lightoom Heal


      Mobile sync works great but recently downloaded the LR Heal app to my iPad and after making changes to photo's on my iPad and saving back to LR, it won't sync to my laptop. All other changes sync quickly. iPad just says "sync pending" for those specific photo's but never sync's. I am missing something? I have logged off and logged back on to LR on my iPad to try to get it to reset but that doesn't work either.

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          greule Adobe Employee

          Did I get it right that you are referring to Lr Mobile on your iPad, where you imported a photo which you have edited via Heal-app and not uploading.


          Could you send me  a link to the Heal app? Thanks, Guido /Lr Mobile QE

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            murphy35 Level 1

            no, i connect my camera to laptop and download pictures into LR. then create collection that sync's with my iphone and ipad. if i make changes to pictures on any device it uploads and all are updated which is great. In my ipad LR it suggested I download the Adobe heal app which i did. when i use app on iphone the changed pictures immediately sync with laptop. when i make the same type of changes on my ipad and click the little icloud icon on top it says "upload pending". have let it run for hours and doesn't

            go. I deleted the LR app and reloaded on ipad but still doesn't work. not sure how to send you a link to the adobe heal app. let me know. thx. love being able to clean up pictures on ipad with ipencil so would really like his to work. 


            David Woodward

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              murphy35 Level 1

              I think I fixed it and a clarification. The LR heal is a function within the Adobe Photo Fix so I deleted the LR app and Photo Fix on my iPad and reinstalled and tried to edit a picture and it worked this time. Hopefully, no further problems. Thanks.




              David Woodward