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    #1009 frustration. How to fix!?



      One of my sites lost its ability to send/receive the simple email contact form.
      I deleted the object, reinserted the object, and tried to publish.

      I got the #1009 error about "cannot access a property or method of a null object reference".
      I tried troubleshooting and was unsuccessful.


      Since I designed it before Muse updated to responsive design,

      I thought, ok. This site needs an update anyway:
      So I rebuild the website (hours) and filed it under a learned experience.


      Viola. I try to publish after the rebuild......and again: #1009 and muse crashes.


      Now I am annoyed and trying to manage my client and my temper.





      1) how do I fix?

      2) how do I locate this "object" that "cannot be accessed?"