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    Multiple unknown catalogue files (.lrcat) in Lightroom folder?


      Hi all.


      I have been doing some optimization and freeing up storage on my MacBook Pro and came across something strange in my Lightroom catalogue folder. Schermafbeelding 2017-08-12 om 13.43.27.png


      There are over 60 of these files. All the .lrcat files are roughly 400MB and the .lrcat-journal files are between 200kb and 6MB. These files are not my active library (according to LR catalogue settings). There is a separate backup folder with weekly backup files).


      The strange thing is that the files keep getting updated/edited (according to the finder file info). Since I use only 2 catalogues (private and business) I can't understand why there would be more.


      I really haven't got a clue what these files are. Haven't found anything online either. I hope someone here could tell what these files are, if I can delete them and how to prevent them from being created again (if they are useless).