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    Newbie question about black point for offset printing

    Djuna A. Level 1

      I am preparing files for offset printing.  I have the printing profile as "Japan Color 2001 Coated."


      I do not have a monitor calibrator; I just want to optimize the blacks. 


      When I go to Color Picker and select the CMYK values for "true black" (75/68/67/90), nothing seems to happen on my file. I also don't see the "step" when I go to the edit menu, so I'm confused.


      Is there a way to simply apply "true black" universally to my 17 files? Is that even desirable, e.g. won't I run the risk of converting some desired greys to undesired black if I do this?  I don't have much visible black in my files, eg. there is no text, just a lot of color.


      Any input welcome. Simple language, please; I'm not going to learn color management in depth... I just want to do the best I can for this project.