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      Unaware of any specific action that would have altered original vertical 50% positioning of the glyphicons

      position. I did a copy/paste of relevant css from original bootstrap-3.3.7-css

      into a bootstrap-custom.css style sheet to troubleshoot.


      I found that changing 50% to 30% visually corrected, but that just tells me that I've missed something.


      Haven't had any success at locating where the problem resides, could not find any errors.

      The glyphicons seem to change size with browser resizing, as well.



      ================Attempted correction as follows ===============

      .carousel-control .icon-prev, .carousel-control .icon-next,

      .carousel-control .glyphicon-chevron-left, .carousel-control

      .glyphicon-chevron-right, .glyphicon-circle-arrow-left {

          display: inline-block;

          position: absolute;

          top: 50%;/*========On change to 30% gives "visual" vertical centering===========*/

          z-index: 5;





      TEST SITE -  https://0182d1d.netsolhost.com/greenLight/



      Thank you...