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    Inconsistencies after sync between Lr Mobile and Desktop

    chadwarren Level 1

      Recently, I've noticed inconsistencies between what is shown in Lr Mobile, and what is shown in Lr Desktop, even after both applications indicate syncing is complete. These inconsistencies occur most often (in my case) with flagging.


      For example, I regularly use Lr Mobile to review and flag photos that I've added to my catalog before I begin editing. However, I've had two instances in the past month where I've reviewed and flagged a large set of photos (1000+) only to show different counts (of total flagged) between Lr Mobile and Lr Desktop after syncing is complete.


      To clarify, in this particular instance, if I open the corresponding Collection in Lr Mobile and apply a filter for "Flagged" photos only, I get a count of 970 photos. If I open the same Collection on Lr Desktop, it only counts 950 photos. Why did these other 20 not sync? How do I make them sync? How do I ensure this doesn't happen again?


      I've attempted to delete, and rebuild the cache for my Lr Desktop catalog. This has not produced any result.


      Please help.