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    Random Weirdness


      I need some help with the use of Captivate 9 to create e-Learning modules. I have Windows 7 and am saving the project into Box Sync although early on I was saving locally to my computer. Since the program was installed on my computer, 2016, I have experienced multiple random, weird occurrences that defy logic and any trouble shooting efforts by myself and my colleagues. I am hoping you can point me in a direction to get some help in diagnosing why my program is so glitchie and resolve this most frustrating circumstance. It is killing any opportunity to accurately determine reasonable project deadlines much less meet deadlines.


      Here are just some of the oddities I am experiencing - all random of course - in their occurrence and in their resolution. There is never a fix - they just randomly go away and come back.



      • In a project I had a hotspot that displayed a screen from a software. When the question came up it would randomly replace one of the hotspot areas with the colored background from the title slide. Never was able to eliminate the intermittent problem.
      • Last week I recorded a software simulation that I had done successfully several times in the past and it didn't auto populate into the project. After seeking troubleshooting guidance online I couldn't find where anything I had done was out of the prescribed way to put a software simulation into a project. I tried several workarounds unsuccessfully. After 3 hours trying to get it to work I went home. The next morning I decided to try one more time, the same procedure I had done initially the day before. It worked perfectly.
      • I came in one morning and ran a project preview to review my work from the day before and on one slide a submit button had magically appeared. I got out of the preview and went to the slide to delete it - but it was not there in the edit view. I moved all the boxes around and still could not see it to delete it. I ended up selecting to add a submit button and when I did, the new button and the one I couldn't see previously appeared so that I was able to delete them both. When I went back to preview, the submit button was gone but was now on the subsequent slide. I did the same process on that slide and got rid of it. I have no submit buttons on any of my regular slides until the end of all the quiz slides.
      • I placed "Continue" buttons on all my content slides. Worked great most of the time, but then yesterday when I clicked on some of them in the preview view the word "continue" was offset in the button field to the left - varying amounts from button to button. A colleague deleted all my buttons and copy/pasted one of the buttons to all the slides that worked properly when clicked. This seems to be working for now. Why did they move from centered in the first place?
      • This morning while working on an e-Learning I minimized the project to open another one to reference. I copied some of the slides from the first project and pasted them into the second one. I then deleted the slides from the 1st project. When I went to continue working on the 1st project I was not able to see all of the Properties icon. I closed the program and reopened and the Properties icon was completely gone. Nothing I nor a colleague did was able to get the screen to show the properties area. Only a portion of the Library icon was visible as well. I was not able to continue work on the project. I decided to just go on and work on the second project since it was impossible to continue with the 1st one. Later, when I closed the second project and then expanded the 1st project from having been minimized the icons magically reappeared.
      • Save edits to the project - try to preview the entire project and one of the quiz slides appears without any answer choices populated in a multiple choice question. The next slide freezes and I have to close the program and reopen it. Try to preview the project again - runs perfectly. Had a co-worker watch my CPU numbers while I tried the second time and he noticed that usage reached nearly 100% multiple times. Could this account for dropped content and freeze-ups?
      • This one may just be me not experienced enough with the software yet - I selected an action on my slide where the student submits his name to get a certificate of completion. That all works well. No problem navigating through the advanced actions for that. My problem is I initially selected the action for an email to be sent. When I previewed that selection I decided I didn't want the email selection - but I can't get rid of it!  When I go to the Actions on the slide both the "On Enter" and "On Exit" are marked "No Action" but the email still tries to open.  Is it possible I have that email option selected in another location? I have looked around but haven't located anywhere else that I can see that option selected. I have also already consulted 2 different manuals and checked on line - can't find an answer to help me.  =/

      My first assumption when I have difficulties with Captivate is that it is a user issue - but these glitches are just too numerous and unusual. After having brought in more experienced users for support, scouring multiple manuals and on-line resources I am confident that there is a fundamental problem with the software or something other than user error.



      Any ideas???

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          TinkerTrainer Level 1

          Can you say that the random weirdness began when you started using Box Sync?

          Over the years I've read countless comments stating that Captivate should not be used with files spread over networked drives.

          From the two minutes I just spent reading about Box Sync, I would suggest that's a contributing factor to your problem.

          Someone who knows more than I will have the answer, I'm sure.

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            janices7436368 Level 1

            Thank you for your input. Actually we were not using Box Sync when I first got the software installed on my computer, so while it might be a contributing factor at this point, it had to be something else early on.

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              janices7436368 Level 1

              Adding additional oddities since this original post to have records all in one place.

              • Crashes during creation of projects
              • When published to my computer and having someone test the project, the score slide didn't appear nor did the last 2 slides. It took the user directly back to the initial slide after he hit submit on the last question.
              • Random submit button and field in a slide containing pictures when user was testing project.