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    Current Lr won't Export to Google Photos

    k64 Level 1

      I've occasionally Exported from Lightroom CC to Picasa Web, but this is now Google Photos.  Before Picasa Web closed, all my photos were moved to Google Photos and, last April, I was able to Export from Lr CC to Google Photos creating a new album.



      Since then, Lr CC has been updated to v2015.12 and the Picasa Web (Google Photos) plug-in to v4.6.9 which is "Full (all features enabled)".


      Now, when trying to export, I have:


      Photo Upload - Account

      Upload to: Picasa Web (Google Photos)

      Account: {my account info}

      Account Status: 19.74MB / 15GB used


      Export Location

      Export To: Choose Folder Later


      Then, clicking Export sometimes offers a folder on this PC and sometimes offers to add to an existing album on Google Photos.  There's no option to create a new album on Google Photos.


      Of course there's a work-around: Export to a local folder and use Google Photos to upload from there.  I have done this successfully, but why can't I use Lightroom as before?