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    Current Lr won't Export to Google Photos

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      I've occasionally Exported from Lightroom CC to Picasa Web, but this is now Google Photos.  Before Picasa Web closed, all my photos were moved to Google Photos and, last April, I was able to Export from Lr CC to Google Photos creating a new album.



      Since then, Lr CC has been updated to v2015.12 and the Picasa Web (Google Photos) plug-in to v4.6.9 which is "Full (all features enabled)".


      Now, when trying to export, I have:


      Photo Upload - Account

      Upload to: Picasa Web (Google Photos)

      Account: {my account info}

      Account Status: 19.74MB / 15GB used


      Export Location

      Export To: Choose Folder Later


      Then, clicking Export sometimes offers a folder on this PC and sometimes offers to add to an existing album on Google Photos.  There's no option to create a new album on Google Photos.


      Of course there's a work-around: Export to a local folder and use Google Photos to upload from there.  I have done this successfully, but why can't I use Lightroom as before?


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          I don't know if you still have the same problem, if so I may be able to help.


          I have been using Google Photos (in previous incarnations) for years, however stopped a couple of years ago around the time that they stopped Picasa (although that was not the reason). I started to use Onedrive as I had an Office subscription which gave me extra storage free. Now I find I have a problem getting Onedrive to show my tags so I though that I would go back and try Google, so I downloaded JF's plugin for Lightroom and installed it. Initially it wanted to sync with all my existing Google albums (these do not exist on Lightroom, so they show zero pictures synced). Anyway, with a little tweaking I managed to get all the pictures I wanted uploaded, as far as I can see complete with tags. You do need to be logged in to Google photos on a web browser to get it to work (I think); when it has finished uploading you are prompted to save the pictures to an existing album or create a new one (I created a new one, and that worked as expected).


          As far as I am concerned at the moment all working OK, although some of the options in the plugin (e.g. "create new folder" don't work as these functions are now no longer supported by Google).


          Hope this helps, George