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    TOC Text Anchor not found



      I have a fixed layout EPUB 3 book that I designed using InDesign CC (I started the project with an earlier edition that was part of the Creative Suite, but upgraded to CC). The book includes links to specific pages in the book (essentially an invisible hyperlink over images). The book also includes buttons that will cause sounds to play. When I have exported excerpts of the book to test the functionality of these features everything worked. Now I am trying to export the whole book (224 pgs.) so I can upload it for distribution. However, this time when I tried to export it as a EPUB fixed layout, I got the following error:


      TOC Text Anchor not found... it went on to list a whole string of errors such as the following:


        TOC text anchor "_idTOCAnchor-162" in "C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Frogs of Costa Rica\Species Accts\InDesign\Field Guide to the Frogs and Toads of Costa Rica_ePub_Cover.indd" is missing


      In addition to this error, I have not been able to get the exported EPUB file (~1.5 GB) transferred to my iPad so I can test/proof the book. I have been able to do so before with smaller files (see above) that did not have the "TOC Text Anchor not found" error. So, I don't know if my inability is because of these errors or something else. Although the file shows up as an EPUB file in Windows Explorer (along with other smaller EPUB exports) iBooks does not recognize it as an EPUB file.


      So my question is:

      1) How do I fix the "TOC Text Anchor not found" error?