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    Item Renderer

      Hi all,

      I've a problem with a itemrenderer. I have this renderer as a component and Im trying to use a combobox like a cell of a datagrid but in that combo I'm loading data from a database so i bring information with an httpservice and make all the necesary to bring the info into the combo, and seams to be working fine, but the problem comes when I try to bring the selected item in the itemrenderer, i don't know how to bring that info from the renderer .. how can i access to that code of the renderer because in the component whenever i change something in the combo i assign a value in one variable and im trying to retrieve this variable but is not possible i really can do it again but bring the selected at least...

      If someone can help me on this im really desperate and i do really use it ...
      Best Regards

      Here is the code: