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    bug: _global vars between domains


      I submitted a bug report on _global variables, and i just wanted to hear your opinions.

      Scenario 1
      1. MovieA loads MovieB from SAME domain
      2 Both MovieA and MovieB contain a _global variable

      Both MovieA and Movie B adapts the _global variables

      Scenario 2
      1. MovieA loads MovieB from DIFFERENT domain
      2. Both MovieA and MovieB uses System.security.allowDomain("*")
      3. Both MovieA and MovieB contains a _global variable

      Both MovieA and MovieB CAN NOT access/read eachothers _global variable.

      The help file says:

      The Flash Player version 7 and later security sandbox enforces restrictions when accessing global variables from SWF files loaded from separate security domains For more information, see Understanding Security.

      I clearly read that as , you should be able to control the usage between domains , (just like any other scripting operating with domain policy )

      It fails nomatter what, even with System.security.allowDomain("*") AND crossdomain.xml policy file.