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    'Edit in Photoshop' PSD not Appearing in Catalog Automatically


      When selecting 'Edit in Photoshop CC 2017' in Lightroom CC, the .PSD generated is not automatically added to my catalog. The .PSD file is created in the appropriate folder. I can see it in Finder on my Mac, but it does not show up in my Lightroom catalog. Synchronizing the folder does not help properly. Trying to import it in place using 'add' doesn't really help either. I'm not sure why this is happening. My external editing, 'Edit in Adobe Photoshop CC' settings are PSD, ProPhoto RGB, 16 bit, 300 dpi.


      I'm running Lightroom CC 2015.12 with Camera Raw 9.12 and Photoshop 2017.1.1 with Camera Raw I used to have an older version of ACR running in Photoshop, and I would select 'render using lightroom' when selecting 'edit in photoshop.' A .psd would open up in Photoshop, and that .psd would automatically appear in lightroom. Now, I'm running current ACR in both lightroom and photoshop. When I select 'edit in photoshop,' there is no option to 'edit copy,' 'edit original,' etc. Instead, the photo opens immediately in photoshop, showing up as a .NEF (Nikon raw), and then automatically saving as a .psd when I save. That new .psd is saved to the correct folder, but it just doesn't show up in lightroom, which has been making my life quite difficult.


      A solution would be much appreciated. Thank you.