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    Handling Spacing With Titles and Infrequent Subtitles

    1ndivisible Level 1

      I have what should be a simple layout, but I'm finding it surprisingly hard to find a simple solution.


      I am working on a book of poems. Each poem has a title and body and some have a subtitle that needs to sit below the title. Each poem is broken into paragraphs.


      This gives me three paragraph styles:


      - Poem Title

      - Poem Subtitle

      - Poem Body


      I need to fulfil the following:


      - The body sits two lines below the title.

      - If there is a subtitle, it sits on the line below the title.

      - If there is a subtitle, the body sits two lines below the subtitle.


      The problem is that if I add space below to the title, it pushes the subtitle down two lines when the subtitle follows it. If I add space above the body, every paragraph is pushed down by two lines.


      I know I can work around it by creating extra paragraph styles - for example a special style for titles that are followed by subtitles or a special style for the first paragraph of each poem body, but this feels overcomplicated.


      Does inDesign offer a better solution for situations like this?