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    RH7 Backward Compatible w RHx5

      I looked at the adobe.com site and this Forum for this answer, but didn't find it...yet.

      We have several licenses of RHx5, and two new writers will be purchasing RH7.
      Will we all be able to use our current RHx5 project no matter if it is opened and generated in RH7 and then again if it's then opened and generat output in RHx5?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Look on my site instead! :-)

          The answer is no. Once you upgrade to RH7, the code is changed and the project will not work in X5. The old tricks will not work this time. You will find you can open a topic using those but wait until you try to save. That's why you cannot work with both versions.

          See the topics on RH7 and Using RH7 on my site.

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            SLBees Level 1
            Thank you.
            I now need to make an auxiliary plan.

            [f provided, I would include an emoticon for a *sigh* in this Reply.
            A Charlie Brown expression that fits my response to the tidy and quick answer from Peter Grainge.]