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    Should I move my LRCAT file to my SSD for better performance ?


      I should say i'm new to LL, only been a customer for a month, but pretty tech savvy. Anyway moving on...


      My cache folder and LL is installed on my SSD, but my entire picture library is all on a 7200rpm mechanical drive. And being that my Pictures Folder is on the Mechanical drive, by default LL put the LRCAT file in the pictures\lightroom folder.


      Can't help but notice that my LL feels laggy at times, and i have an excellent spec machine. Win10 64bit i7700k/16GB ram  and a 1080ti GPU, which in itself has 11gb


      Wondering if its because the lrcat file is on the mechanical drive as appose to being on my SSD, (windows and applications drive) or just a trait of LL.


      Should i move it to my C: (SSD Drive) ?  i have enough room.. Not to move the entire pictures folder, but for the LRCAT files.