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    3ds max object to photoshop 3d

    pinoguin Level 1

      Hi there, I've been given an fbx file of a 3d model to work with a photoshop composite but it's not compatible so I had it converted to .obj file with .mt file attached.


      I can open the obj file (though a bit messy) but the texture / materials are missing ... I tried importing the .mt file but photoshop only supports .p3m files and I couldn't find any converter for that file, any suggestions how I can make this work?

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional


          With an *.obj file you are normally looking for an associated *.mtl file with the texture details then the actual textures in an image format such as PNG, TIFF, PSD (see simple example below)

          You only need to import the obj file - Photoshop will import the others as part of the process - provided they are in the same folder



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            pinoguin Level 1

            Hi, yes I think I saw an *.mtl file but I don't see any image formats though... I used fbxconverter


            I also tried exporting to 3ds, I can see the textures now but the parts are slightly mangled, any idea why or some way to prevent this? (it's supposed to be a bike)

            Screenshot (59).png

            I wonder what formats adobe use in their stock marketplace site, I couldn't download anything from there because of region restrictions

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              pinoguin Level 1

              Ok, I should not have used fbxconverter and exported straight with autodesk , i think the client sent me with an older version or something. Now I can load the obj (strangely still without the pngs) and it renders properly. Thanks for the help

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                Saeed Asem Alkarmi Adobe Community Professional



                r u tried to grouped the object on 3ds max before u placed in the PS?

                i think u must group the object to fix that prob.


                thank you

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                  pinoguin Level 1

                  thanks, I don't remember grouping anything though... maybe it's just a 3ds version & photoshop ver mismatch/bug . Everything turned out ok when I installed the latest versions

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                    Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                    There is no mismatch. Your (sub-)meshes simply have non-zeroed transforms and you likely forgot to check some option when converting your FBX file (or the person creating it in the first place). Same for the textures - they were simply not taken care of to be "packaged"/ kept in a structured project folder, hence the file probably still references them based on absolute paths to the location where they were originally stored. It might not be a bad idea to read up on some of that stuff.



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